Stronger as One

Welcome to the African-Caribbean Exchange.

Historically, black leaders have always leveraged their popularity and used their voices to address issues in our community and support black causes. But too often, they act in isolation, exposing themselves to criticism, unfair expectations, and leaving their impact diminished.

ACE is a new concept that aims to champion positive narratives, create opportunities, and provide capital that will empower and support the African-Caribbean community in the UK.
Acting together, we are stronger, safer and empowered to make a real and lasting difference.

” If you want to go fast, go alone; but if you want to go far, go together”
– African Proverb

About Us

The African-Caribbean Exchange (ACE) aims to be a network of people that gather to collectively support projects related to the black community.

ACE is in its early days of formation. We’ll begin by carrying out foundational research into the problems that face our community, then use that to shape how we solve them. For now, we’re looking for Champions to be ambassadors for ACE when it launches. If you’re passionate about positively impacting the black community in a scalable way, sign up today.

Our three founding focuses are:


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